New Lodge Name, Number, Totem Announced

From Lodge Staff Adviser, Cathlynn Peters, on February 22, 2018:

The Lodge Merger Team has been working diligently and has some exciting news to share! The Supreme Chief of the Fire, Jeff Isaac, and National Leadership of the Order of the Arrow have given approval to the merger team’s selection of a new name, number and totem.

Lodge Name:Takhone (Translation: Where Rivers Join)
Lodge Number:7
Lodge Totem:Canoe Paddle

There will be a mascot to be decided at a later time. The Lodge Merger Team continues to meet regularly. One of the topics they are discussing is what the new lodge structure will be, including the Lodge Executive Committee, chapter functions and elections. As decisions are made and approved, the information will be shared with all our members. Thank you for your support.

Last Update: 3/17/2018